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  • What are the conditions for installing electric curtains?

    The width of the curtain box slot is reserved: 10cm for straight single-layer cloth, 20cm for double-layer (cloth + yarn); 20cm for L-shaped curved single-layer cloth, and 30cm for double-layer (cloth + yarn). Each curtain One set of power supplies (one live wire and one zero wire) or three-hole sockets are reserved at the left or right of the box.

  • What is the payment method?

    Regular operation, long-term strategic cooperation, we will provide better payment methods.

  • How do you control the electric curtain?

    The curtain can be opened and closed by hand, and can be controlled by mobile phone APP, voice control, and remote control.

  • The electric curtain cannot be started by hand?

    The motor is not powered, please make sure that the motor power is connected.

  • Does the remote control operation of the electric curtain have no response?

    1) Check whether the battery level of the remote control is too low. If the indicator light of the remote control does not light up during remote control, it indicates that the battery is too low and the battery needs to be replaced. Please pay attention to the positive and negative levels when replacing.

    2) Check whether the power socket has electricity.                                      

    3)If there is no response to the operation when the remote control and the motor are both powered, you need to re-check the code.

  • How do you choose a tubular motor?

    1. You first need to determine how much torque you need for the tubular motor? The calculation formula for torque is: Torque (Nm)﹦Tube radius (mm) x Load (kg)÷100, for example: To extract 50kg load, how much is theoretically required The torque of the motor? (the tube radius is 30mm), the torque algorithm is: Torque (Nm) ﹦30mmx50kg÷100=15N.m.

    2.How many kilograms can your motor carry? Load (kg)=torque (N.m)x100÷tube radius (mm). For example: the torque of your motor is 15N.m, how many kilograms can the theoretical load be carried? (The tube radius is 30mm), the load (kg)=15N.mx100÷30(mm)=50kg.

  • How is the quality of Ronco products?

    Strictly follow the ISO9001 product quality system,  with an accuracy of ±0.002MM, and all products have passed high and low temperature tests, 100% guaranteed quality.